Constant Validation

Why do we as a nation need to tell everyone about how we are raising our kids, while implying it's better than how others are raising theirs? I'm sorry, but I'm so tired of everyone needing to have their personal parenting choices validated by strangers. Whew... that felt good to say. Now don't get me… Continue reading Constant Validation



I have received this message to pay more attention loud and clear, and I am going to heed it! This weekend, this lesson has been on repeat. As much as I wanted to ignore my niggling feelings, I didn't, and thank GOD! My lack of attention in the past has cost me everything. I chose… Continue reading PAY ATTENTION!

Find the Butterflies

Yesterday was a tough day. My dog injured the neighbors dog in a perfect storm of "what the fuck" that only dog owners will truly understand. I feel horrible. It looks like the dog will be ok, but still. When my mom died she told us she'd come to us often, and we would know… Continue reading Find the Butterflies


This is a real time picture. I have my amazing pajama pants on, fluffy slippers, Flea Market Flip, my kitty and a MUG of coffee. Baseball starts next weekend so I'm soaking this up because it's gonna be a while before I get to bliss out like this again. Don't get me wrong, baseball season… Continue reading Perspective