The way we look at exercise

I've basically already said this, but I was getting my hair done last night and I heard it again. 1) "I hate running, but I do it to loose weight" 2) "what diet did you do that you lost so much weight?"  3)"I gained all the weight back after that diet, so that diet doesn't work".  I… Continue reading The way we look at exercise


Adult ADD

We all joke that we have it, but while researching meditation rooms (yes I made one in my house) I came across a bunch of books that made me really sad for our society.  One was "8 minute meditation" and another talked about how we need to practice silence.  How do we expect ourselves to… Continue reading Adult ADD

Changing your life/ loving your workout

The key to keeping the weight off is not only giving my body the food it needs, but enjoying life as well.  If I crave something I’m more likely to binge on it, so if I get a sugar tooth, I will eat something sweet, I try to first douse the urge with fruit or… Continue reading Changing your life/ loving your workout

work out ideas

My 3 loves (my kids) but also Running, Pole Fitness and Yoga.  Without all of them in my life I get sad and depressed. Running lets me think and basically meditate.  Because my mind is allowed to wander and be random.  This also allows me to enjoy my run.  I never "train" for a 5k… Continue reading work out ideas