work out ideas

My 3 loves (my kids) but also Running, Pole Fitness and Yoga.  Without all of them in my life I get sad and depressed.

Running lets me think and basically meditate.  Because my mind is allowed to wander and be random.  This also allows me to enjoy my run.  I never “train” for a 5k or half marathon, since I run for me.  I actually don’t enjoy races.  I am a VERY competitive person by nature so races make me run out of my comfort level, and not in a good way.  I’m all for pushing oneself, but you should also listen to your body the whole time, and not likeing it is one way for your body to tell you to back off.  You get me in a race or competition situation and my body gets totally ignored…..

Pole Fitness lets me feel sexy and have girl time and play all at the same time!  I go to Pole Fitness in Federal Way WA.  She has an amazing schedule that fits almost anyone’s schedule.  I was scared to go at first, so I brought a friend, but I immediately saw that it was a truly non judgemental workout area.  The focus is 1) having fun 2) feeling good about yourself 3) building strength at your own pace.  Beginner classes are just that, more advanced people are moved up so that no one is intimidated or feels stupid.  It is a fun way to feel sexy and learn to laugh at yourself because everyone does something stupid in the class.  I HIGHLY recommend trying it out.  You can google Pole Fitness for her full class schedule.

Yoga is my last love as well as my longest love.  This is why this blog sounds so yoga-y.  I started doing Yoga through gymnastics when I was 4 and haven’t stopped.  Yoga is in me and always will be.  Recently I have decided to deepen my understanding of the philosophy and self healing side of it.  I did a yoga retreat at the Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island and it was the  BEST thing I could ever have done for myself.  It totally helped my depression/ anxiety/ needyness.  The only thing the retreat lacked was a pole to play on.  But once I’m a yoga teacher I plan to change that.

My new journey is to try to combine my 2 loves of Pole and Yoga for a Pole Yoga class.  This would take the strength quotent out of Pole, and the balance portion out of Yoga and help people in a Yin Yoga type of way, by letting them relax into poses by using the Pole to hold them up.  It would also let them get the feel of using a Pole as a work out, and take the taboo feeling out of it.  I’m hoping that it will help advance this awesome sport of Pole, and allow me to get into the teaching of Yoga and the philosophy behind it, where People are taught Asanas, not teaching Asanas to People.  To get Yoga fully, you need to be able to breathe in and out and understand the meaning behind the poses.  The Pole will help concentrate on the breathing and pose without falling to the floor.  lol


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