Adult ADD

We all joke that we have it, but while researching meditation rooms (yes I made one in my house) I came across a bunch of books that made me really sad for our society.  One was “8 minute meditation” and another talked about how we need to practice silence.  How do we expect ourselves to focus on our lives if we are so busy we need a book to tell us to practice silence, or we need to be told how to focus for 8 minutes!  Take it one step further, and do we even have time to read about how to do that, or do people just buy the books, thinking it’s a good idea and then never make time to do it.

This lack of ability to make time for anything is another reason it’s so hard to find time to exercise.  We can’t even take 8 minutes to breathe!  I found that if I block out my day, I actually had a lot more time than I thought.  If I go through my day just keeping up, I end the day with nothing accomplished and a messy house, yet I’m exhausted.  Part of my meditation in the morning (which helps me keep from thinking about this stuff) is I list what I want to get done, then I put the items in order.  Sometimes I just do it mentally, sometimes I write the list down.  After that I feel like I can take 20- 30 minutes to just sit and breathe.

If I’m not in the mood to meditate while sitting, I’ll run.  I know all the books say you have to sit in a quiet spot and think about one mantra, but in my opinion you can meditate anytime.  Running forces you to concentrate on breathing, and depending on where you are running you can just let your mind wander through the trail you are going along.  How is this different than the mental trail or ocean walk they reccommend you go on while meditating?

I find running is like a real life meditation that the apps and books tell you to go on.  But really, you can do this with any work out you enjoy, which is why it’s so important to enjoy your workout!


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