Changing your life/ loving your workout

The key to keeping the weight off is not only giving my body the food it needs, but enjoying life as well.  If I crave something I’m more likely to binge on it, so if I get a sugar tooth, I will eat something sweet, I try to first douse the urge with fruit or something low in sugar, but if I want cheesecake, you better believe I’m gonna get a slice.  Usually, after a bite or two, I realize the urge has passed and I give it to my kids.  The idea is to stop the craving at the urge stage before it becomes an obsession where you will inhale the entire cheesecake.

Why I called this “Cheesecake for the body and soul”

When I think of cheesecake the following comes to mind, “creamy, sweet, graham cracker crust”.  A work out should have the same kind of feel to it.

I often see people choose “hard” work outs for their first workouts thinking the more they sweat and the more sore they are, the quicker they will lose the weight.  This is not only inaccurate, it’s dangerous.  It is very important to remember that a workout is a treat for your body, not a punishment for being out of shape or overweight.  During every work out you should be enjoying yourself.  If you find yourself holding your breath or hating it, then back off.  That is your mind telling your body it’s not ready for that physical excursion.

This is a belief that is familiar to anyone who does yoga, but sadly, has not transcended to the mainstream work outs.  I see these ads for boot camps, and other intense work outs.  I hear about the god awful diets that trainers have people on and all I can think is how sad it is that the person I’m talking to is punishing themselves instead of treating themselves.

A workout should always feel “sweet” the pain or difficulty of the exercise should always feel good.  Afterwards, you should feel “creamy” that way you know you pushed yourself enough, but not too much.   The graham cracker crust comes in when you have to push to do something, but it’s still sweet.

You should never leave a workout feeling like you hated it, it should always be a feeling of wanting to do that again.

I have gotten ½ mile into my normal 4-6 mile run and stopped because I wasn’t enjoying myself.  I’ve also started out thinking I’m  just going to run a mile so I don’t feel guilty, and ended up running 5 because after a mile I felt like I wanted more.  Whatever work out you are choosing to do, make sure you are listening to your body.  If you are taking a class, make sure it’s the level you want.  If it’s too easy ask for variations, if it’s too hard, back off.  Everyday your body is different, so every day your workout will be a little different.

My work outs of choice (I phrase it like that because I’m seriously addicted to all three) are running, Yoga and Pole Fitness.  All three speak to my soul and bring me balance like nothing else.  If I’m in a funk, or sad or even just blah, I know I can do any of the three and find my center again.  You may find me refering to things in a Yoga-ish way.  I find that Yoga is not only an type of work out, but it’s something you have in you.  I have been doing yoga in one form or another since I was 4, so naturally, after 30 years of something, it’s a part of you.  I find yoga in my rning and my pole fitness.  Hopefully this way of looking at the world speaks to you the way it does to me.  I find through the yoga philosophy the world seems brighter and funnier.  Mostly because in order to do yoga in the first place, you can’t take yourself to seriouse.  30 years of experience and I still fall sometimes, or look awkward.  They key ingrediant to life, is to laugh at yourself, yoga teaches this to you, which you can then bring to any sport you choose.


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