The way we look at exercise

I’ve basically already said this, but I was getting my hair done last night and I heard it again. 1) “I hate running, but I do it to loose weight” 2) “what diet did you do that you lost so much weight?”  3)”I gained all the weight back after that diet, so that diet doesn’t work”.  I kept my mouth shut (amazingly), but I was thinking, omg, these people don’t get it!

1) If you hate something you are doing it, you are going to be inclined to skip it, you are going to most likely hurt yourself, and you are less likely to stick with it

2) If you cut something out, or drink only shakes, you are going to lose weight, doesn’t matter what diet it is, but if you think diets are hard, try living the rest of your life on it.  That’s not living.  You need to find a “diet” that works for you, that you can live with forever.  I found that by cutting my sugar intake, and keeping it below 30 grams a day I could lose 2 pounds a week.  By keeping it at 40 grams I could maintain my weight.  Does this mean I have to cut down on what I eat?  Yes.  Does it mean I can’t have cheesecake?  No, I just can’t have the whole piece, and I need to watch out for hidden sugars for the rest of the day.  Just like money, I budget my sugar.

3)Of course a diet isn’t going to work, you have to change how you eat and live.  If you go back to eating they way you were when you were fat, you are going to get fat again.

I so wanted to tell those women that they were going about it all wrong, that they shouldn’t be punishing themselves into shape.  You are even less likely to lose weight and burn the calories if you aren’t enjoying what you are doing.  It’s our body’s way of rebeling against authority.  Think about it.


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