Perfect Size

I get so tired of seeing all these websites about weight and size.  Getting down to a size 0 isn’t possible of healthy for everyone.  Some people are just bigger.  I also get frusterated when people talk about their weight.  Granted, weight is an indicator of where you should be, but it’s only part.

You really need to consider how you feel and look over what the numbers say.  For instance, according to most BMI calculators, I’m over weight for my height.  What those calculators don’t consider is my muscle mass.  I’m a size 3.  Pretty sure that’s not considered over weight in any circle.

That said, it’s so ingrained into my head that weight and size is the right thing to look at, that when I step on the scale and see a number I don’t like, I feel fat the rest of the day.  How messed up is that?!  No wonder our kids have obesity problems.  They aren’t shown how to eat, they binge and starve themselves.

My daughter had a friend who would talk about calories and getting fat, she was only 7!  We as a society need to focus on living healthy, not being perfect.  It takes everything in me to remind myself constantly that I’m not fat, that I look good, that the calculators don’t have a clue about athletic build.

Rant over…… no on to ranting about lack of encouragement 🙂


1 thought on “Perfect Size”

  1. i agree completely. I’m a runner, been running for 20 years and run half marathons. i have muscular calves and thighs. i will never weigh what the ‘scales’ say i should. everyone thinks i’ve under weight and don’t believe my actual weight when i say it. i just have to stay away from scales or i get depressed.

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