Changing perspective

My amazing friend. While few of us will have the resources or guts to travel to India, we can view our world and chose to see the ugly parts as ugly or as a beautiful lesson to hold within ourselves. We can also chose to get involved in changing the ugliness or cringing from it.

Blooming Life Yoga


“How was India?”

I expected and dreaded this question before returning home. I can’t answer it. Maybe the mantra, I don’t know what I’m doing ‘till I’m doing it, sums up quite a lot. However, India is a place that one must translate through their own experience and each experience will be totally personalized.

Perhaps that is precisely what India offers. One is confronted with who they are. One has a choice in their relationship with their internal and external environment. One can choose to experience the ugly or choose to revel in immense beauty.  This choice reflects the strength of the soul.

India gave me a good dose of reality in the importance of choice.  It is so easy to live with a condemnatory heart in a world that scorns peace and feeds fears and grudges. It takes hard and diligent practice to be graceful and loving and…

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