Forest Through the Trees

It's amazing how taking a step back shows you what you weren't able to see when immersed.  I have spent the last 6 years of my life miserable and feeling like I lived in a hole.  I lost myself in exercise and yoga and tried and tried to be positive, but it felt like a… Continue reading Forest Through the Trees


When did I accept Crazy as Normal?

When did Crazy become Normal? This blog used to state all the ways my ex wronged me, and how no one saw through his charm, and they blamed me as negative and blowing things out of proportion.  I realized this story was a way of keeping me in the victim role.  Yes, I had to… Continue reading When did I accept Crazy as Normal?

Feung Shui Mind; find your authentic self

Feung Shui Your Inner Library Have you ever noticed the happiest people aren't "put together" and the most miserable people are?  I've been working on getting rid of stress. I've googled it, bought books, talked to people...  Every source says to de clutter. I don't have clutter in my house, my house is always neat… Continue reading Feung Shui Mind; find your authentic self