Feung Shui Mind; find your authentic self

Feung Shui Your Inner Library

Have you ever noticed the happiest people aren’t “put together” and the most miserable people are?  I’ve been working on getting rid of stress. I’ve googled it, bought books, talked to people…  Every source says to de clutter. I don’t have clutter in my house, my house is always neat and tidy.  I’ve always know clutter brings stress so I’m vigilant in keeping my surroundings mindful.

All the items I have are meaningful and full of memories.  Yet, I was still experiencing stress.  Weird “bad luck” type stress.  I don’t necessarily believe in bad luck, but I do believe that there are different levels, like bus lines, and if you are bogged down you will be on the bad luck bus line.

Clutter, toxic relationships, negative feelings, all this can drag you to this dreaded line.  I began studying Buddhism and Feung Shui.  To maybe help me bring positivity to my life.

I then read something totally unrelated to feung shui.  It was saying how you need to revisit memories because when you are under stress you categorize them incorrectly.  It was like a light bulb went off.  I felt energized at the thoughts that started coming.

My thought is, what if we de clutter our mind? Make a conscious effort to visit memories, slowly, one at a time and really evaluate them.  It made the image of a mish mashed home library come to mind.  Memories, or in this scenario, books put in the shelves all haphazard.  Papers sticking out of books.  Books leaning awkwardly.  What if we went through our library, and de cluttered it.

At first it seemed easier to just shut the door to that room and actually clean my real life kitchen and re organize my clothes again.  But I realized.  I deserve the peace that will come with reorganizing my mental library will bring.

At first I had to really pry the memories out.  I had to dig. I had really locked some of them away.  It’s like going in to a library after an earthquake.  I’ve started reorganizing this and I can feel the stress melting away.

They didn’t come easy.  Some memories that I dismissed as nothing  were clearly catalysts for future events.

Others that seemed so huge at the time were clearly memories I just needed to throw away.  Like that McDonald’s receipt from the midnight snack I had three years ago and stuck in the book as a bookmark.  Just taking up space and making my library look unkempt.

The misplaced memories aren’t screaming to be found and the ones that were left to seem huge are nearly on the shelf.  I have a lot of work to do, but I really feel hopeful that if I consciously feung shui as I go I’ll have a much happier future.

I can feel my inner self come out.  It’s like I had shut my authentic self in to a little padded room to keep it safe.  I couldn’t handle the constant conditions and abuse so I shut it away.  Since I’ve started this decluttering project I have felt my authentic self come in to the light.  Stretch and blink it’s eyes.  It’s an amazing feeling.

I hope this blog helps others realize they can do it too.


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