Regret Nothing

I have a friend who enjoys rehashing my past imperfections.  She loves to delve in to how big of an ass my ex was and how I made a ton of bad decisions during the divorce and how, had I followed her advice things would be so much better.  She only does this when we are… Continue reading Regret Nothing


Knowledge vs Ignorance

Is ignorance bliss or is knowledge power?  As a huge fan of sticking my head in the sand, I used to think ignorance was the winner.  Lately, I've realized how wrong this is. Sticking your head in the sand narrows your view, makes problems seem disproportionately bigger and makes you feel like the whole weight… Continue reading Knowledge vs Ignorance


Enough. Have you had enough!!?? Is it time to do a full rebuild?! This journey is for you alone. No one else. Not for recognition, kudos, money... It's so you can be happy. If you are happy, those who love you will be happy. But this is about you flourishing. Being authenticly yourself and vibrant will… Continue reading Enough

The Dance

My counselor suggested I read the Dance of Anger.... amazing book, totally think it is a book that we all have to read in high school.  It would make life SOOOO much easier.  It's a break down of how to deal with difficult people.  It's amazing and validated that I did things right, and then… Continue reading The Dance