The Dance

My counselor suggested I read the Dance of Anger…. amazing book, totally think it is a book that we all have to read in high school.  It would make life SOOOO much easier.  It’s a break down of how to deal with difficult people.  It’s amazing and validated that I did things right, and then also gave me ideas to go further.

What I was able to do with this, is picture difficult people in my life doing an interprative dance.  Not a cool, inspired one… no… I’m imagining a certain person, in a nude unitard, with chest and back hair sticking out, and a black sweat band on.  Sometimes there’s a strategically placed fig leaf, other times it resembles a ken doll.  Either way you get the image.  When the person upsets me, I imagine them dancing.  The more absurd their actions are, the how absurd their movements are in their imaginary dance.

I am in an amazing sexy salsa dress, looking totally hot and graceful.  No matter how insane the Interpretive Wonder is dancing, I swiftly and sveltely anticipate their every move and counter with some magnificent step.

This visualization has helped me over come anxiety and anger and every other negative emotion.  Instead, I almost welcome their crazy (I said almost) because it means I get to challenge myself. Or just get a good laugh at the person’s expense.


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