Enough. Have you had enough!!?? Is it time to do a full rebuild?! This journey is for you alone. No one else. Not for recognition, kudos, money… It’s so you can be happy. If you are happy, those who love you will be happy. But this is about you flourishing.

Being authenticly yourself and vibrant will attract everything you need.   You will face set backs with positivity and they will turn out for the best and actually help you.

Be ready to feel and be told you are crazy. The road to sanity looks insane… To quote the artist ways Julia Cameron

This journey is about shedding excess, keeping only that which fuels your soul. Excess weight, clutter, toxicity, friends, stuff, anger. If it’s not serving you its holding you back.

I personally started with weight. I thought my husband was embarrassed of me. Losing 65 pounds made things worse, so being a codepender I looked inwards for the problem.

This took me down the rabbit hole. Along the way I realized the mad hatter was right. I had lost my muchiness. The path to finding it was long and painful and for a lot of it resembled complete failure.

But what I found at rock bottom was my true self. Hidden in a forgotten cabinet. From there the rebuild was fast and furious.

This will require new friends and boundaries that will be uncomfortable. You have become used to an unhealthy world so healthy will seem foreign and wrong. It’s amazing how crazy becomes normal and brainwashing happens without anyone noticing.

My only clue was people telling me things about me that I knew to be fundamentally wrong. Yet I still looked at myself to find these supposed inadequacies. What I found was the people I thought loved me only loved the version they had smashed into the form they wanted. The true me was what they labeled as unworthy.

This isn’t a one time cleanse that you will never do again. Nor will it happen over night You will constantly check in with yourself, or notice piles and feelings and have to work to sort them out. But this level of self awareness is what you are striving for. This is where you will find you, the you that you are in control of. And when you find this, you will notice you raise your boundaries to a point where others don’t affect your mood, and when they do, you know to take note and work through it.

If you notice that suddenly you are feeling taken advantage of them you can start prioritizing. Or if you notice you counters are cluttered, you can organize. This way it’s a constant flow of energy that is easily manageable instead of a sudden monumental task that seems insurmountable.


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