I’ve been doing a lot of work with my subconscious.  If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll know why.  I definately want to block more of the same from coming in to my life.  I hit rock bottom and I’m bound and determined to build an amazing house on a sound foundation.

I’ve had a lot of syncronicity showing me how to do just that.   It’s started with feung shui.  I’ve always love decorating and organizing my spaces.  I’m one of the few people who actually enjoys moving and am willing to help friends move, as long as I can help decorate too.

As I was really studying feung shui principles and putting them into practice,  I started noticing  correlations between where I stored clutter in my physical space and where I had unhealthy views in my subconscious.

It was shortly after I made this connection that I read that the way your  subconscious works is through vizualization.  And that thinking is your logical mind, but your subconscious is reached through doing.  Folding laundry, doing dishes, running, whatever…

I started being more mindful of my space.  I realized I had mementos from my past relationship in areas of wealth and fame.  Oddly, as soon as I got rid of these items, I stopped having to defend myself against the ex’s tirades, and I became financially independent of him.

Your sunconscious sends vibes out to the universe.  It tells the universe what you want, what you are ready for and what you deserve.  Your logical mind thinks and is useful in some ways, but life comes from within you.

If you have unhealthy views, you will continually be handed trials to over come them and learn to grow out of these views. (I’m not talking about tragedy here…

**Horrible things happen for unknown reasons and I am not implying a little feung shui would have prevented it)  I’m talking about money seeming fleeting, or friends being gossipy, or boyfriends being flaky…that kind of thing.  I know my mom didn’t die becuse I had a trinket from my marriage in my family area.  **

Look at a feung shui Bagua map.  Then look at your living space.  Be very honest about the items you have in the parts you feel you are struggling with in life.  Then look inside and see if you aren’t holding the same clutter and trinkets from your past in those beliefs.

The act of consciously moving things and mindfully buying or gettig rid of things, really seemed to speak directly to the beliefs I held inside.   I was amazed and I think you will be too!


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