Regret Nothing

I have a friend who enjoys rehashing my past imperfections.  She loves to delve in to how big of an ass my ex was and how I made a ton of bad decisions during the divorce and how, had I followed her advice things would be so much better.  She only does this when we are in group settings.  Always looking brilliant and like she could have saved me.  My excuses are made to seem weak, like I was.

Needless to say, I have backed away from this friend, and feel drained after every interaction.

I came to the realization today that all my decisions have led me to a very good place.  That I don’t regret trying and trying and always taking the high road.  I tried a civil divorce, and was lied and cheated out of some things, but the bottom line is that I’m out, and have everything that’s important to me.

I’ve vowed to myself that when this happens again, I’m going to tell her that those topics are closed and off limits.  That if she wants to rehash the past, to stick to hers.  I’m happy with my life and regret nothing.

That I’d rather spend as little energy and money as possible ruining others and as much as possible on bettering mine.


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