Force vs Flow

Have you ever worked so hard for something, beat all the odds, only to lose it?  Have you ever thought of something you'd like, almost as if the thought came from your soul, only to have it come easily?  This is the difference between Force and Flow. When you are constantly coming up against obsitcle… Continue reading Force vs Flow


Blah blah blah

That's what my inner self is saying right now. It's causing major moodiness and easy irritation.  Why?  Because it's annoyed at the new story I'm trying to write. Your subconscious mind isn't unlike the friend who just wants to complain and not take any of your advice.  In fact, it's exactly like that friend.  So… Continue reading Blah blah blah


I'm creating this blog to help compile all the modalities and books and resources that have helped me so much.  Please feel free to add your suggestions!  Let's make this a virtual library of awesomeness! Tao of Dana.  Find her on Facebook, she's amazing.  Every blog she writes, camp she does everything.  Just do it!… Continue reading Sources


Ever feel like there are weeks where you can't catch a break?  Bill after Bill shows up unexpectedly and suddenly that big OT check you were going to have fun with is eaten up by your daughters X-ray and son's wart removal?  I'm having one of those weeks. Everything is hitting all at once.  Instead… Continue reading $$$$$$$$

The Illusion of Control

I just realized that if I treated my friends the way I treat money, they would run screaming from the controlling, abusive woman they thought was charming. I fret over money more than anything else.  I want things split evenly.  I want budgets and guidelines and prospective numbers.  I pretend to show gratitude when checking… Continue reading The Illusion of Control

Stay Positive

I have been tweaker reading all sorts of manifesting material.  The main threads I've gotten are: 1) stay positive 2) keep your vibes high 3) ask for help (the universe can't just intervene due to the laws of free will) 4) always end an intention with "this or something better" as we can be very… Continue reading Stay Positive