Always See Good…. You’ll never be let down

Two days ago the world lost one of the sweetest souls it ever created.  She was the most sensitive loving person I had ever met.  She saw value in everyone and everything.  Some may call her fussy and overly caring, but all I saw when I was around her, was someone who loved everything VERY deeply.

Her death has left all of us dumbfounded, heartbroken and lost.  How a tiny little woman who was so unassuming could leave such a gapping hole is beyond me.  I still can’t wrap my head around it.

But instead of sinking in to how sad this is, I’m choosing to think about how her passing drives home how she lived.

Most of us go through life not giving other humans a tenth of the passion and love she had for the smallest insect.

Her death has sparked in me a NEED to be and do better.  To be mindful of everything I do.  How everything I think and say  affects others.  To censor my nasty inner critic.  To fully love everyone and take nothing for granted.

I’ve been seeing posts people are writing to her on Facebook, and every single person refers to her as their best friend and other half.  Not just her husband and mom, EVERYONE.  She has proven that love is infinite and the heart can encompass every being.

I’m blessed to have known her, and I’m blessed that she showed me what it means to live and love.  I will always hear her sweet, soft voice, gently chastising me when I’m too hard on myself, my kids or a stranger who cut me off.

Before her passing, it never crossed my mind.  Losing her has made me a better person, and I will pass her legacy on to my kids so that it never stops.


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