Cart before the Horse

This last week I was working on my views on money.  I realized I like to stick my head in the sand and hope that the universe will do me a solid.  What I didn’t want to acknowledge was the universe was throwing me all sorts of syncronicities, but that I’d have to do the work myself.  And that with my head in the sand, I was missing these arrows.

I also also realized that I need to stop thinking “how will I make money at this” and just enjoy the process.  Sometimes that is enough.  In this case, it made me really see what I had been ignoring.  It made me realize that I don’t need to be saved, or bailed out…but I do need to tighten my belt.

I tend to splurge and treat myself and my kids when I get extra money.  I can still do this, but I don’t need to spend money.  My kids are amazing and enjoy hiking and trail walks.   Buy them a package of Oreos after and its like Disneyland.

The universe (God, source, the unicorn) provides me with an amazing amount of abundance.  Abundance in tools.  It wants me to stop being the damsel in distress and take charge.  Be healthy… Be happy.

One can’t be happy and healthy if they are constantly waiting to be saved.


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