Listen, Don’t Hear

There is a huge difference.  Especially when our subconscious is involved in the speaking.

I once had a massage therapist ask me what my favorite scents were.  I rattled off rose, orange, eucalyptus… Etc.  She then had me close my eyes and waved some scents below my nose.

To my surprise, I could barely smell the ones I said, or in the case of the eucalyptus it was too strong.  The ones I liked the most, I hadn’t even thought of.

This gave me a good lesson in trusting my body and by senses to know what my needs are.  I’ve learned that if I want to avoid that I need to confront, and if I’m indifferent, I don’t need it, and if all my senses are excited, then it’s meant to be in my life.

Your logical mind is your most basic process.  It keeps you safe from danger and finds patterns and is very loud and demanding.  It tells you your fears.

Your subconscious whispers your intuitions.  It requires you to have faith, and believe in things you can’t see.  And listen to signs that you can barely hear.

Whenever I have ignored or stifled my subconcious I have struggled.  I’ve realized that if I don’t listen, if I stick my head in the sand, the universe will make sure you figure it out.  It will cause an explosion that is far more painful than if you had just listened in the beginning.

I’m my case I needed the explosion in order to build from a solid foundation.  But now that I see it clearly, I listen very carefully to the whispers, and try to acknowledge the fear for what it is.


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