Take the High Road

“Never let people tear you down to their level.  They will beat you with experience.”  So many amazing people can be quoted saying some variation of this and yet few of us take notice.

We tend to let toxic people tear us down, beat us up verbally, emotionally and physically, then think we must be the problem because otherwise Karma would be punishing the bad guy instead of continually punishing us, the good guy.

Well, I’ve been studying the Law of Attracrion.  At its most basic form, it’s a two way radio.  And if you aren’t on the right wave length it’s not going to hear you.

Bad guys (narcassists, BPD’s, Hystronics) all tear people down in order to raise their wave length.  The high they feel after raises this vibration even more.  Meanwhile, the victim is left depleted, wondering why so much bad is happening.

The high vibe attracts money, opportunities, free trips to Vegas, while our thought loop of “why me” sends a clear message to the Universe to show you “why you”.  It’s like “Groundhog day”. It just keeps repeating.

How do you break this?  Shrug off the abuse and bad behaviour.  Limit your exposure to the toxic person, and find happiness in their good fortune.  (The last one is a bitch, but try.  The universe clearly can’t tell an inauthentic thought from a pure one at first). Fake it till you make it.

But absitively, posolutely DO NOT allow your wavelength to be lowered.  Don’t act out of hate or fear.  Send the toxic person forgiveness and forgive yourself any twinges or set backs you encounter. 

To quote my favorite movie “Meet the Robinsons”. “Keep. Moving. Forward”


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