Yesterday was my birthday and it was amazing.  

It made me realize that, while things certainly haven’t gone smoothly this week, I’m always covered. 

All sorts of hitches have been thrown in the path, some that if usually be annoyed with, others that would have left me in the fetal position in a corner.  But because I’ve set out to find a way to be grateful for EVERYTHING, I have been able to simple step over them.

My sister in laws passing was a hurdle, but I got to meet family I wouldn’t have normally met.  Death has a way of bringing people together, and bringing out the best.  It also seems to be repairing a rift that had happened last year.  It had been my sister in laws goal to fix that and it seems she has helped.  Granted we all wish it hadn’t happened this way, but that’s not how silver linings work.

I’ve had a few other petty things thrown down at my feet and I’ve been shown how far I’ve come. I actually replied “lol” to one of the more nasty texts.

Living from a place of gratitude and love gives you a perspective that you don’t have when you are in the trenches of dispare and frustration.  

When you are in the thick of the worst times, it may seem like you will never smile again.  Like nothing will ever go right.  Like you will be doomed to failure for the rest of your life. 

If you can step back, pretend you are someone else for a bit, and take a loftier view of your troubles, I bet you can find the lessons you are to take from them.  And once you see the lessons, you can see how you grow from them.  And from that, you can clearly see the silver lining.  

Don’t allow your negative side weight those good feelings down with “that was a hard lesson”, or “a hefty price”.  Just be glad you found it.  Let go of the pain, and the sadness and feel blessed for what you were given and have learned. 


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