Two Steps Forward….

Weekends like this one are tests of my ability to stay positive and think the Universe has my back.

I was super stressed about having multiple flag football games, out of town guests and a wedding to attend, during one of the biggest predicted storms in history.  I tracked the storm, like an expectant mother tracks her own progress.

I bought groceries, checked batteries and stressed and stressed.

In the end, the guests didn’t materialize (they wrecked their car, all is fine) the storm fizzled out before it hit shore and the wedding was a blast.  I thanked the universe for having my back.

Then today my daughter and I went grocery shopping.  When she went to help me get the groceries, she bent her thumb backwards.  The urgent care X-rays say no break.  She’s seeing a family member who is a doctor tomorrow to be sure.

I refuse to feel like there is one step back to this.  Only steps forward.  Gotta keep the vibes up.  After all, it always works out in the end.  The meme below is perfect.  Darkness is no longer my friend, I live in the light.


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