What you see, is what you get. 

Man, this one is a struggle for me.  I fully believe that everyone rises to your expectations. I hold high ones for myself.  Yet, I fully expect certain people in my life to fail me.  And guess what?!  Those people never let me down.

I then spend countless hours researching how to deal with difficult people.  How to release attachment, how to not be codependent.  And guess what?!  I’m given ample opportunity to test out my methods on said people who constantly let me down.

Today I’m setting the intention that I will not be let down.  I’ve zeroed in on the fact these are all lessons I need to learn about voicing my needs, and expecting they will be met. 

I’ve always noticed that the people who expect problems with their shipments or projects run into the weirdest issues.  And those who are carefree and happy glide through life.  I’m hoping on that second train.  

I’m constantly shown that it all works out in the end, so why am I so worried? 


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