See Magic 

The way I see it, magic is real.  If you choose for it to be. Things have as much power as you allow them to.

I have this beautiful Amethyst.  It helps me focus when I meditate.  I hold it to my forehead and I can feel myself open up.

My logical side explains this as my mind accepts this crystal has power, and therefore it’s almost like a placebo.  But my magical side, accepts that, and still says that’s magical.

So go out, and look for magic. Tell your logical side to shut it, and find it!  That baby laughing and smiling at you, that’s magic.  That amazing view of trees with their leaves changing, that’s beyond magic. The dog begging for your dinner, it’s annoying… but magic.

Find some gorgeous mala beads and while you say thank you for 108 different things, coffee…espresso…frapaccinos… java…imagine your gratitude is infusing those beads with happiness, and then wear them daily. When you feel them on your neck, you will be reminded of the magic in your life.

Live in magic, allow yourself to believe in Woo woo stuff.  Giggle while you do a snow dance.  Sing a prayer to God.  Have fun.  The Universe enjoys giving you more of what you appreciate.


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