It really should be easy.

When I started dating I had a friend who updated me on all the things I needed to improve, since I had been off the market for soooo long.  I tried her way for a couple weeks, but seriously?!  I hate lipstick.  I feel dumb dressed up, and I glued my eyelids together attempting fake eyelashes. 

As I texted my condolences for skipping our night, because I wasn’t about to wear a patch, I realized…. Who am I doing this for?!  I don’t want to have to get up at 3 am to make sure I have my hair and make up done before my man wakes.  I also don’t want a man who cares if I’m wearing lipstick.  Nothing against the girly girls who love that shit, or the men who want a woman who’s put together… But that’s not me.

As soon as I stopped, I fell into the love of my life.  The man with whom everything is easy.  The only time I get mad is when I live in my thought loops, and as soon as I talk to him I realize I’m a hot mess, making up issues… And should probably buy some tampons and chocolate at the store. 

I also realized when I stopped trying, things and people showed up easily.  It was crazy!  I was able to see all the abundance that the universe was sending, and not because beither eye was glued shut.  It was just obvious!

Look at yourself, do you love all the effort you are putting in?  If so, AWESOME.  If not, stop and do what makes you happy.  That way you’ll never have to worry if those around you truly love you or not.  


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