Ever feel like there are weeks where you can’t catch a break?  Bill after Bill shows up unexpectedly and suddenly that big OT check you were going to have fun with is eaten up by your daughters X-ray and son’s wart removal?  I’m having one of those weeks.

Everything is hitting all at once.  Instead of getting down about it.  I’m choosing to thank the universe for allowing me the abundance to pay those bills.  That I’m in a position where I really don’t need anything, so that money I was going to put towards savings and the credit card bill can go toward these things.

I refuse to think a negative thought about it.  I’m seeing it as a test of my new resolve to stamp out the lack mentality I’ve held for so long.   The mentality that played havoc with my life for years.

Yeah my balance on my credit card is higher than I’d like, but my 401k balance is also higher than I expected.  So it evens out.

I’m thankful I have kids who keep my life full and my bank account low.  I’m thankful I’m not materialistic.  And I’m thankful I can use these bills as a way of showing my kids how to adjust budgets.


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