Journaling 101

I recently re read all my journal entries for the past few months. Two things popped out. 1) I used them to vent way more than I used them to say what I was grateful for 2) I obsessed about how to make my blog go viral immediately.

Once I re read them, I took out the good points, and threw them away.  Yep.  Tossed them.  Why?  Because they are mostly garbage. Venting and worrying about things I can’t control.

BUT the two points I picked out are gold.  And I took those into my new journal.  My new journal of gratitude.

I realized it doesn’t matter if I go viral.  Just write.  It makes me happy, clears my head.  And if it helps just one person see things differently, then AWESOME!  That cleared a lot for me.  

And I started my gratitude journal, because like in Monsters Inc, positivity creates so much more energy than negativity.  I realized the only way my “negative” vents worked for me was when I used them to ask what my lesson was.  

Bad things happen.  But they are lessons. If you can’t see it immediately, grab some paper and state the issue, without bias, and ask “what should I take from this”.  Then let your subconscious write.

You will find the words flow.  It may take a minute to get the flow started. Just free write whatever is being said in your head, and then you’ll feel the dam break open.  That’s where the break throughs happen.  

If you have a bad day and spend 3 pages just puking up garbage, that’s ok, but at the end, ask what your lesson was.  You’ll be glad you did.


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