Beep beep!!! Don’t let negativity touch you

I hope few people can relate to this, but I bet there’s more than I think.

I have someone in my life who delights in making my life hard and keeping me off balance.  They do things that, when I tell others, the others are baffled as to why anyone would go to those lengths just to hurt me.

This person is a Narcassist.  Full bore.  They have no ability to feel remorse, feel fully entitled to the venom they spew.  And take no responsibility for the negative reactions they get.  Often they blame me for others disliking them.

Why am I being so vague?  Because The Who and Hows aren’t important any longer.  If I give details, I give them power over me. So… here’s what I’ve figured out.

1) negative energy = weak energy.  So why worry about it?  As long as I remain positive and happy, they are essentially the Wiley Coyote to my road runner.

2) their karma is their problem.  By rehashing what have happened over and over just keeps me stuck in that thought loop and that karma tainting my view

3) love them anyway.  I have to feel sorry for the person they have become.  They are this way because they are in pain and haven’t found the spiritual path I found.

4) when this person or any others decides to turn on their crazy, I’m going to picture the roadrunner.  Or maybe even a crazy interpretive dancer in a nude Leo.  Either way…. they can’t hurt me with their ridiculous antics.


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