I’m creating this blog to help compile all the modalities and books and resources that have helped me so much.  Please feel free to add your suggestions!  Let’s make this a virtual library of awesomeness!

Tao of Dana.  Find her on Facebook, she’s amazing.  Every blog she writes, camp she does everything.  Just do it!

The Universe has Your Back.  Gabriel Bernstein.  So uplifting

EFT tapping videos by Brad Yates.  I’ve tried others, but his feel the most authentic because he deals with beliefs and feelings, he’s not trying to manifest you a Porsche

Pam Grouts e squared, e cubed and Thank and Grow Rich. So much fun

Bruce Liptons the Biology of Belief.  He breaks it down to a cellular level just how important our beliefs are to us

Doreen Virtue.  I liked her on Facebook and her videos and blogs are so uplifting and remind you to be happy and that you are loved.  Great reminders we all need every day.

Danielle LaPort, White Hot Lies

Martha Beck, Finding Your North Star


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