Your Map

I’ve often told my fiancé that I wished we had met each other sooner, but that we had had three one night stands with our ex’s (so we’d still have our kids).  In reality, I wouldn’t change one thing in my life.  

Where I am right now is a direct relation to what I’ve been through.  Had I not experienced my previous marriage, I wouldn’t appreciate the wonderfully boring life I have now.  

If I hadn’t experienced what codependency felt like, I wouldn’t be so deliriously happy with the healthy individuality we have now.  

Any change in the past, anything that I’d wished to go right, had it gone right, would likely have blocked me from being where I am now.

I’m learning about affirmations and the law of attraction.  It’s important that you speak in the present, give the universe permission to guide you, and not be locked into the how’s.  Be specific, with room for creative license, if you will. 

I’m believing more and more everyday that my forceful planning blocks and slows the even better life source has in store for me.  

If you feel like life is too hard right now.  Like “life sucks”…. let go.  Tell the universe that you are handing it over to it to guide you. Then shut up and listen.  You will be amazed what you hear.  

Once you recognize the voice, always listen.  Because the universe is beyond good, and will always bring you better than you could have imagined. 


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