Force vs Flow

Have you ever worked so hard for something, beat all the odds, only to lose it?  Have you ever thought of something you’d like, almost as if the thought came from your soul, only to have it come easily?  This is the difference between Force and Flow.

When you are constantly coming up against obsitcle after obstacle it could be that the universe is trying to direct you towards something better.  That YOUR goal isn’t what’s best for you.  When life feels really really hard, take a step back and ask “why”.

As usual when ignoring the universes signs, the universe took a spectacular angle in forcing me to listen.  My life fell apart and I was left with nothing to force.  And then I realized my lesson.

Life isn’t meant to be forced.  Time and time again nature has shown us that man made things are temporary, but natural things last. It is the same in life.

I was so beaten down, I didn’t have any fight left, and that’s when miracles started happening.  Everything started aligning.  People started showing up.  Interest rates suddenly dropped.

I put an offer on a house the DAY I was eligible from my foreclosure 3 years to the DAY earlier.

If you are feeling discouraged, like you’ve lost your Midas touch… it’s likely you are pushing too much.  Take a step back and let the universe take the wheel.

I’m not saying you won’t have to do the leg work, but listen to the urges that guide you.  Even if they seem crazy… listen.  If you are afraid, that’s your ego, if you just KNOW, that’s the universe.  Listen, live, FLOW.


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