Cutting Ties

My ex and I were together for a long time.  Which means we had many mutual friends. When we divorced most of those friends tried to stay neutral, since we had either met them together or had known them before our marriage, for about the same amount of time (we went to high school together). 

I’m now 3 years out and I realize only a few of those friends have truly stayed neutral and that’s only because they’ve distanced themselves from both of us.  

Today, I went through my Facebook friends and realized I still had a lot of people on there who were not my friends and in some cases were HIS family. 

Obviously, these people aren’t active on FB or I’d have realized it.  But unfriending, and in some cases blocking, them lifted a weight. 

I had a similar energy clearing a couple years ago when The Tao of Dana blog (seriously, check her out) reminded me to look around for items that held psychic vampire ties that drained me.

I realized I still had a purse and wallet I had during my marriage, and a few trinkets from trips we had taken together.  

I either donated or gifted those items out of my space and the uplifting energy was palpable and immediate. The day after I rides myself of these news came that untangled me financially from my ex. 

Look around.  Look at saved emails, texts, friends, stuff and ask if any of them are draining.  

I’m extremely careful of what I keep in my realm.  Granted, occasionally you need documentation, but in reality, do you REALLY NEED it?  If you do get a safe and store it in an area that isn’t personal.  That keeps it out of your realm.  
A safe deposit box is perfect, but a records box elsewhere works too. Or even better, scan the items to an email address made specifically for these items. Don’t keep yourself logged in to it on your phone and send the texts, emails pics docs etc there for use later.

Get as much of this draining crap out of your life so you can live to your fullest potential!  


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