Karma and other people

“Not forgiving others means you are allowing their Karma to affect you, forever.”  I don’t remember where I heard it, but it really made me think.  Not only did I feel drained by these people who had wronged me, but I was allowing my vibe to lower twice.  Once by thinking about the “wrong”, and once by holding their karma also.

I realized I needed to put these people out of my life, and in my prayers.  I pray for them to be happy, I pray for them to find peace, I pray that we can heal our distance.  After I feel lighter.

If you can’t say these things to their face, try out Loving Kindness meditation.  But realize you can’t make them better.  You can only work on you.

I know this seems obvious, but by not forgiving, you are trying to force them to feel guilty.  Some people just aren’t capable. Forgive them, be glad you aren’t living in their head, and send healing prayers.

Your karma, vibes, health are yours to handle.  Let them live in theirs, alone.


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