Digging up the past

I’m having to deal with the last nice thing my ex did for me.  Turns out it wasn’t so much nice.  And now it’s actually a nightmare to deal with.  This is bringing up odd feelings.

I tend to be upbeat and forgiving. But I’m being taken back to those times.  When I was terrified and confused.  

I went to Gabby Bernsteins website and did a few of her guided meditations and it helped a lot.  Then I saw a card reading by Doreen Virtue that said, in short, to thank God for fixing any problems I was having.  Because in reality they are already resolved, my fear is just holding me in the past. 

After meditating on this I really did feel better, and I had two solutions come to me.  

In the end, the more you fuss and worry, the bigger the problems seems.  It’s not unlike looking at a parasite under a microscope. No good comes from that.  

Take a step back, grab some medicated lotion and eradicate that microscopic bastard. Picking at the scabs only gives the parasite more opportunity. 


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