I know people who think everything should be handed to them, and they are truly the most miserable people I know. Perpetually stuck in their victim mentality.  

I also know people who have never been handed anything in their life.  And they are the happiest.  Why?  Because they are not beholden to anyone, have faith in themselves, and know that the universe provides for them.

My parents did me the biggest favor by forcing me to ask for help.  They never just gave me anything.  I had to earn my allowance, and I had to have jobs when I was old enough.  

I was told exactly how much everything they provided was worth, and had to sit while they went over the budget.  As much as I wanted to use the paper to slit my wrists at the time, I’m now grateful for it.

I see kids who don’t think it’s necessary to pay grandparents back for the car they bought them, with the agreement they’d pay $50.00 a month and hold insurance.  Those same kids are now on their own, and have no integrity or idea how to pay their bills.

When you are handed everything it stunts your growth.  You don’t have to be creative with the ingredients in you pantry (FYI, allrecipes has an amazing part where you put what you have and it spits out dinner ideas).  

I see entitlement as a pair of handcuuffs.  A ball and chain around your neck.  Your life will be stunted if you only look to others for your needs. 

Everything you need in life is in you.  The amswers are all there.  You just need to ask.  And if you do it alone, no one can take that from you. 


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