Be the Light

I’m drained today.  My candidate wasn’t an option. But I didn’t throw a fit.  I accepted it for what it was.  My candidate didn’t win, but I have faith that all the others elected to Congress will help temper this. We have a system where no one man will have absolute power.  That’s being put to the rest.

But this post isn’t about that.  Time will tell what happens.  No point speculating. Clearly, we have no clue.

I must say I’m immensely disappointed with the people in my news feed.  The amount of hate and blame being spewed is unbelievable.  These are the people who condemned Trump for saying he wouldn’t recognize Hilary if she won.  They are now doing exactly that to him.

Obama and other leaders have show class and grace.  We need to stop screaming that the sky is falling, and believe or system will work.

Athe very least, all the dirt that’s been pushed under the rug for decades has been shown.  We can’t bury our heads in it any longer.  We are being forced to change, and that always comes with pain.

Be positive, be creative and lead by example.


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