Low energy

Negativity is a low energy.  It saps life and creativity.  Since the elections I have been bombarded with it and I’m tired.  The hypocrisy is amazing and jaw dropping.

I have seen people beaten, I’ve heard kids be called racists, I’ve seen friends unfriend each other. All because they are scared and disagree with what the “other” side believes.

To set the record.  My candidate didn’t win.  But I accept the one who did.  I will never condone bigotry, racism or xenophobia.  But I also will never condone berating someone because they voted for a republican.  

The republicans I know are stand up people and are the first to stand up for the rights of others, no matter the “others” race, sexual preference or spiritual leaning.  I used to think the same of my liberal friends.  

I have been disillusioned with many.  They are spewing the hate that the media is feeding them, without a second thought.  The are using these sound bites and quotes as fodder for their fire of moral rage against “those people who support the new Hitler”.  

I’m not commenting on whether I’m worried about him or not, but I’m terrified of this negativity and its effect if it continues.  

All the leaders are saying “give him a chance”, “he deserves an open mind”.  I agree fully.  

If you read Lincolns champagne speeches, he catered to slave owners. He skirted the issue.  He didn’t promise to become the champion he became. 

I don’t know what Trumps presidency will bring.  But I know if this negativity continues, negativity will follow.  

The DNC was weakened with the Bernie over shadowing, and with Hilary’s scandals.  It will only be further weakened if people continue the hipocrisy their actions are showing.

Beating a Trump supporter for their beliefs is no better than beating a gay man or woman.  Yes, one is a choice and one isn’t, but in the end it’s free will that you are violating in either instance. 

Channel your anger to good.  Be the light.  Hating hate with hate breeds more hate.

I’ll end with an awesome story I witnessed today.

I was driving on the freeway and saw a car pulled over, and a man not far off walking with his dog and a gas can.  A car in front of me veered to the shoulder.  The driver jumped out, grabbed his obviously full gas can and ran to the man and his dog.  They swapped cans, shook hands and he ran back to his car.

He didn’t care what his beliefs were.  He saw someone in trouble, went out of his way to help, and expected nothing in return.  


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