Time Outs

I’ve been working hard at raising my vibe, staying positive, helping others and really keeping myself from the negative habits I fall in to on occasion.

I reached a point in my newest book where I have daily assignments.  And this is perfect.  It means I HAVE to slow down and just reflect. And I’m going to take this time to let the dust settle.

I’ve realized one of my biggest frustrations at work is how much they push push push for answers, which means no time to just let things settle.  Lots of work exerted when if they’d allow a little more flow, things would fall in to place. I’ve realized I’m doing this in my spiritual practice.

I’m reading everything I can get my hands on, without taking the time to really let the lessons sink in.  While I’m making great strides, I think slowing down is necessary.  Like at my work, if I just let things flow a little more, the road will be less rocky.

So this next ten days, I’m going to sit back and read my “Cat Who” books and relax.  I have a few exciting changes coming (fingers crossed), and I’m going to just keep my vibe high, rather than try to play psychic manifester making it happen.


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