I just watched this video by Kristen Kusmic and I want to take it a step further.

Everyone is worried about Trumps win legitimizing hatred etc.  But in my opinion it gives us a chance to stand up and say “enough!”.  Who cares what the president or those in power say.  If it’s not right; stand up and speak your voice!  

It has never been ok to hate people for their views, the color of their skin or their sexual preference.  Whether we are “right” or not.  It’s not ok to bully people into feeling like they can’t say how they feel. 

The polls were way wrong because Trump supporters were scared.  This isn’t any better than people being scared for any other reason.  

We need to stop forcing our beliefs on others, making others feel bad, and realize that which we hate is a reflection of the parts of ourselves we are less than proud of.

We need to stand up against the person in the subway spouting racial slurs, and guide them to a place where they can grow.  At the very least we need to make their victims know they are not alone, and be glad we don’t live in the attackers head.

I know this is making a complex problem simple.  But if we step back from our anger and our ego and come from a place of love, isn’t that much more powerful, than screaming our point to the person screaming theirs?!  

I’m not saying you have to agree, but listen.  Understand what they are really saying, without waiting for your chance to anialate them verbally.  


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