I loved this.  It’s true. When my divorce happened I lost everything and found myself.  Why?  Because I realized that all my “things” and labels weren’t me.  I was still myself without all of them. In fact, I was a better version of me.  A lighter version.

That’s not to say I’ve mastered every aspect.  I struggled immensely with the idea that my ex was the designated custodian because he filed divorce before me.  But then I realized, I still AM my kids mom.  In their eyes it made no difference.

In WA that designation really just says who can get welfare for the kids.  Other than that it means nothing.

So this is true.  If you are feeling weighed down with labels and stuff, let it go.  Detach yourself from it.  Realize you are so much more.  Once you do I promise you won’t be limited any longer.

One fun exercise is to unlabel things.  Instead of a trash can, call it the eliminator of toxic items.  Instead of your car, call it the liberator of exercising.  Have fun. Be ridiculous.  Because let’s face it.  Being defined by labels, is pretty ridiculous as it is.


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