I spent the first 4 months after my divorce crying uncontrollably at timehop.  Every pic brought back painful memories.  Luckily, my ex decided to become a colossal asshat and brought my memories back into reality. 

I’m not saying that I don’t feel bad that it didn’t work. My divorce will always be my biggest failure.  But from failure comes success. I learned where my faults were and what I needed to do to be better.  It forced me to take a long hard look at me, and gave me a blank slate on which to rebuild.  

Now, 3 years out, I absolutely love where I am.  

I realized yesterday that I’m able to look at my ex’s girlfriends and see good things, where as in the past I wanted to be better than them.  I can look at my ex and truly want him to find peace.  

Bitterness holds you and only you back from being happy.  Blaming the ex for ruining your life does nothing but keep you from growing.  Recognize your own faults.  And fix them.  Placing blame, no matter how satisfying, changes nothing.  

Clear the clutter of blame and unhappiness from your life.  Look at the blank piece of earth that’s left after all the weeds are gone, and plant something you love. 


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