This blog saved my sanity.  This was where I started changing the way I think and therefore my life.  I’ve been able to remove myself from situations and really decide the best path and what I want my message to be.

Now my wish is for the US to come together and speak to each other.  I have friends on Facebook, whom I agree with politically, who I’ve had to unfollow because of the amount of hate and anger they spew.

The post statuses that seem as if they are an open debate, then she and her “friends” will gang up on any who don’t align perfectly to call them out until they realize how wrong they are.  Mind you these “idiots” aren’t wrong and are simply correcting her argument.

The problem is, this is exactly how politics got where they are.  Just because one group deems themselves right and advanced, doesn’t mean the other group is a bunch of Neanderthals, yet that’s what’s being portrayed.

If you aren’t with them 100% you are against them 100%.  These people don’t seem to realize that screaming “you’re wrong”. Has never converted anyone.
It’s time for people to step down off their soap box.  It’s time for them to be open to LISTENING to those they disagree with.  They need to shut up and just listen.  Do not respond, argue or rebut.  Just seriously, shut the fuck up and listen.  You will be amazed at what you hear.

Listening to someone doesn’t mean you have to agree.  But it does help you understand, and that my friends is what we need right now.  We need to understand and heal.


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