The 3rd anniversary of my mothers death is next week, and it's made me think a lot about grief. I've come to the conclusion that while society likes to package grief in to a 7 step program, it's really a crazy long game of shutes and ladders. One week you think you are cruising right… Continue reading Grief


Step kids and ex’s and opinions, Oh My!

i have a friend who is getting remarried this weekend, and the fiance's oldest two kids refuse to come.  She fully realizes this has nothing to do with her or her relationship. It has to do with his ex refusing to acknowledge them.  She has repeatedly discounted the relationship as a sham, a lie and… Continue reading Step kids and ex’s and opinions, Oh My!


I recently spent a week in Hawaii.  It was amazing and eye opening. I realized some really cool things. 1) I realized I actually really like my life. All the stuff that annoyed me at home also annoyed me in HI.  I don't like rude people, thoughtless people, or people who are totally unaware of… Continue reading Reflection


I started journaling years ago.  I would religiously write at least three full pages a day.  I'd spew all my anger, frustration and anxiety out.  After each session, I'd feel better.  What I noticed though, was my problems weren't going away.  Every day was the same rant. I re read my rants and realized the… Continue reading Journaling