I started journaling years ago.  I would religiously write at least three full pages a day.  I’d spew all my anger, frustration and anxiety out.  After each session, I’d feel better.  What I noticed though, was my problems weren’t going away.  Every day was the same rant.

I re read my rants and realized the issue.  I was coming up with stuff to fill pages under the disguise of unblocking myself.

So.  I switched gears.  I bought myself a daily planner with blocks large enough to do a daily journal, but I was forced to be selective in what I wrote.  Because my planner tells me to have an amazing ridiculous day, I chose to write the things that make me happy each day.

I put a heart as my bullet point and a short sentence.  I put starts for thoughts and issues, but try to keep them positive (i.e.. kids are fighting, real issue?)

I re read them each week and carry my epiphany across on the header of the next week. I also do fun experiments via Pam Grouts books.

What I’ve learned is that blessings beget blessings and problems beget problems.

So, why write problems?  If I have an issue… I phrase it as a meditation question and since taking this approach, the answer usually comes before I’m done writing.  So I’ll write the answer down.

What I suggest is, spend 6 weeks spewing and ranting.  Then re read.  Then spend 6 weeks with a blessings journal and watch your life transform 🙂


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