The Inner Bitchi

If my inner voice was a sentient being, this is what it would look like. A snotty little Siamese who wants all the attention…. but only pet her with your eyes from that corner over there! or she will tear you apart!

Whenever I’m on the verge of feeling like I have a good idea, she rears her head to remind me, you aren’t as funny as you think, You will fail! You’ll look silly….. pretty much ensuring that I stay in my corner, sitting quietly, not looking directly at her.

In fact when I sat down to write this post my mind totally cleared of the points I wanted to make! I had to secretly write down blips of ideas as I was doing other things to put this together. Thats why it seems a little more disjointed than my normal disjointed posts!

(I swear I don’t have multiple personalities, I really am a sane person)

Your inner bitch is powerful. But here’s the thing. She’s only as powerful as you let her be. If you take control and let her know YOU are in charge, she will back down.

I haven’t even shared this blog with my friends or family! I want to share it. I’m very proud of my posts. I feel like there is value on the perspective, but I also think that that’s where the problem lies.

My mom was from a time where a good secure job meant everything. Granted, she sold real estate, which is the opposite of secure and 9-5, but because she knew the struggle of an intense hustle, I think she wanted better for me.

When I would tell her my interest in interior design or dream of writing articles on how to organize your home, the response would be “so how will you make money doing that?!” Or worse, “there’s no money in that”. Well guess what? Money follows passion. If you do what you love, because you love it, revenue will follow.

I’m not saying it will follow without effort, but people will show up and pathways will come in to view that will open revenue streams, and even if money doesn’t follow, who cares! I’m doing something I enjoy!

So, deep breath….. I’m going to share this blog with 5 of my friends. I’m also going to link it to a website I’m starting where I offer readings of energy blocks, how they present in your life and home and how to keep your energy funneled to where you want it. So here goes! Who’s with me?!


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