Be the light

I saw the following quote in one of my groups today:

“How did I go from being the child who dreamed of saving the world, to being the adult who dreamed to escape it”.

This upset me. It also made me think.

I’ve been doing energy readings for people and they are fascinating. They tell people what their natural gifts are, and then explain where they are having their divine energy drained from their gifts. And often, the drain is associated with them being overly attached to the ego side of their gift.

For instance, if someone’s divine gift is communication, but they don’t have people around them who listen to their message, they will go in to the dysfunction of speaking at people. Constant lecturing.

That is a very simple example, but you get the idea. As kids we have so much energy. We don’t really have a huge attachment to our ego and we believe we are the creators of our universe. That our dreams can be our reality.

As adults, we realize there are systems that slow things down, we spend our energy unwisely and we stick our noses in other peoples business. We judge people for not taking our self proclaimed expert advise, and we disempower ourselves by saying others are to blame for our problems.

A big part of the readings I do, requires that I fully disengage from the outcome. If I’m attached in anyway, it can skew the results. It can kind of pull the answers with a shading of my perspective. So the more disengaged I am, the more I help my client.

I’m able to show them who they are, what’s blocking their energy, and give actionable ideas. All while stating, that it’s their choice. Their choices got them here and their choices will change the patterns they want changed. It’s not for me to judge.

I believe the people who dream of escaping the world are the ones who are so busy obsessing about what others are doing, that they are keeping no energy for themselves. If they were to be more discerning, and use their energy to power their gifts, then they could make real change in the areas they are passionate about.

So in short, if we were less judge mental, more discerning and more focused on what we can give, versus the return on investment we expect. True change really could get momentum.


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