Fat Savings

I have been reading Suze Orman books lately. And it’s made me think. We have made spending money way to easy.

In the past we had to get dressed (and I mean, we took time to dress nicely) and go shopping in order to spend our money.

Now, we have same day amazon deliveries and OfferUp and all sorts of easy ways to buy stuff we don’t need. And to make matters worse, if we are forced to go out in public, it’s become socially acceptable to go in our pajamas. Add to that equation that our credit cards are on file to make the spending almost invisible, it’s no wonder we are more financially stressed out than ever!

I found myself thinking nothing of spending $20 here and $35 there on stuff, I can’t even list what because it was so insignificant I can’t remember what the charge to my card was for. But by the next pay day I have no money to transfer to savings.

I’m now transferring money to my savings before I make the impulse purchase. Oh? It’s ONLY $15? Ok, pay myself $15 first and then if I still want the THING, I can have it.

I’ve just started doing this, but I’ve already seen a change in my shopping behavior. I have also put more STUFF up for sale on offer up. Seeing my STUFF as wasted money has made me become a lot less attached to it.

So I ask, where are you leaving money when you could be saving it? My hope is that by being more considerate about how I spend my money that I will attract more of the same.

By honoring my financial wellness, I will attract more opportunities to save. Already I have been gifted apples from a garden, and wonderful clothes from a coworker who hadn’t even taken the tags off them.


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