Morning Pages

I’m going to mix two amazing books in to one practice and see what happens.

A few years ago I read, and followed “The Artists Way”. It was an awesome experience. It really helped me focus. The morning pages were something I kept doing, until one day I noticed that I was looking forward to bitching for three pages.

It was almost an addiction to complaining. So I started writing down all the good things I had going on, and that made a change in mind set.

Today, I’m going take “A Course in Miracles” and use a lesson a day to guide my pages. This book is a thick, lesson packed tome, and merely sitting and reading it is very hard. It feels amazing, but you know you aren’t retaining it all.

I’m going to update this post weekly to let you all know what differences I’ve noticed as I go along. Partly to hold myself accountable, and also to really track in real time changes I may not notice when looking back.

If anyone wants to join me, I’d love to have chats about what comes up in your lives too.

Week 1:

Lessons 1-7…..

After doing this for 1week I have noticed a lot about myself. As a chronic over-thinker, the first 7 lessons were perfect. They are all about detaching the ego from everything around you. Things, thoughts, reactions, everything. They help you come to life in real time. Without the past tainting it, either for positive or negative.

I have always struggled to live in the NOW. I’m excited to put these lessons to work to help me do just that.

1) Nothing I see has meaning

2)I have given everything all the meaning it has for me

3) I do not understand anything I see

4) these thoughts do not mean anything

5) I am never upset for the reason I think

6) I am upset because I see something that is not there

7) I see only the past.

I have never needed these lessons more than this week, they have helped me immensely.

Week 2: they are the same theme in different ways. Basically, removing the ego from reality. Realizing that how you feel is based off past events and memories. And that nothing you are experiencing has any more or less meaning than what it just is.

My mom was the queen of getting in a mood and taking that mood out on everyone. She felt she was entitled to every assumption and mood she had, that everyone did these things to her.

She didn’t understand that circumstances happen at random, and our mind tries to form patterns to make sense of them, and to keep us safe. I found myself mired in many situations where the lessons really did help me put my thoughts guys in to perspective.


8. My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.

9. I see nothing as it is now.

10. My thoughts do not mean anything.

11. My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.

12. I am upset because I see a meaningless world.

13. A meaningless world engenders fear.

– this one really hit home as it points out that if things don’t happen for a reason, and are random, how can we control the world we live in?! We can’t. We can only control how we react, and find strength in knowing we will be fine with whatever comes our way.

14. God did not create a meaningless world.

Week 3: I’m not going to keep listing the lessons, but this week focused on realizing that “patterns” that show up in life are only patterns to you. And that the pattern you see is colored by your personal bias.

I have noticed a marked change in how personally I take things. Other people’s moods, reactions and thoughts don’t seem to upset me as much. And I’m less likely to see random frustrations as a “sign”.


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