Energy exchange

I was listening to a pod cast today by Andrea Hess. Her topic was how to manifest co creators in to your plan. She always makes so much sense, but it’s so hard for me to turn it inward and see how I need to follow her advice. I can clearly see how it shows up in others but for me?

In the pod cast she states that like attracts like. So to attract the best match for a co creator, you need to be that person you are trying to attract. She goes on to state that if you aren’t sure, look at who’s showing up in life and if you don’t like it, then change those aspects about yourself.

It is clear as day when I apply this theory to a coworker. She constantly thinks people are trying to throw her under the bus at work. She’s paranoid about it. Oddly enough, she is the first to chuck you under the bus if she can.

For me I want people who will support me. Who will stand by me and be my cheerleader. I really try to be that person for others. But guess who I’m not being supportive of? ME! I constantly go without, or put my needs off in order to pay for something my kids want, or to do the chores they neglected to do. At work I am the person who helps everyone else, to my own expense.

I’m not saying this isn’t a good trait, but when you do it to your detriment, how can you then expect others to support you? How can the universe support you? I constantly show everyone, universe included, that I’m ok being put last.

So… my homework is to do more self care. I just got done buying myself some boots (even got a $60 gift card with the purchase that I could use toward THAT purchase). I’m getting my hair done next weekend, and god damn it, I’m going to get new glasses.

I’m going to invest in myself. I’m going to allow myself down time that’s not filled with watching other people’s kids for them. And I’m not going to label these acts as selfish. Self care is not selfish it’s essential. I tell that to others constantly, while feeling guilty when I think about doing it for myself.

It’s no wonder I attract those who do not provide an equal exchange of energy. It’s also no wonder I attract, but can never really make new friends who seem like they would be equal energy friends. Those people seem to be JUST out of my reach.

So here’s to investing in me as much as I invest in others. I need to be my own equal energy friend.


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