Soul Inspired Designe

Have you ever wondered why some home designs appeal to you and others repel you? Both can be in magazines or architectural digests, but you just can’t imagine living there? It’s not just a preference like your taste in food. It’s your subconscious telling you who you are.

The saying as above so beneath also says as within so without. Your space can show you EXACTLY what’s going on with you. It shows you your karmic patterns, your hang ups and your mental clutter. I could go in to your house and tell you want your personal problems are and be spot on.

So it goes without saying that knowing who you are at soul level, can really help you when buying, decorating or arranging a home. Especially, for couples.

I did a reading for a friend. And told her how she loves options, new things, and many other aspects about her. She felt super stuck and kept telling me she wanted to just declutter, but something was stopping her. She’d start and immediately be side tracked. The problem was, she was trying to force herself to become a minimalist.

She NEEDS options. She HAS to have multiple choices every day or else she isn’t flowing. Conversely, she can become stuck in collecting stuff and never actually making a choice. For her it was best to encourage her to get bins that would fit under her bed, and stack in her closet. She needed to make sure they were accessible but out of sight. (Clutter favors no one, but the term is relative)…

Once I told her she could keep whatever she wanted, as long as it fit in those bins only, it was like a plug popped out. She was suddenly able to go through her stuff and easily get rid of half of it. Knowing she could keep as much as she could store neatly, unblocked her.

I, on the other hand, need things to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, but sentimental. There are very few THINGS in my house that don’t have meaning behind them. The few that don’t are basically utilitarian items that I need to eat or cook with.

I also learned by reading myself, that I need sun. Like I’m almost solar powered. The house I live in is actually lacks windows that get direct sunlight. I countered this lack of sun by buying candles, using antique windows, and keeping my paint colors very light, airy and shiny. (High gloss white trim is everywhere). I also have lamps and lights all over.

I have also worked really hard to make our outdoor area feel like another room. That what when it’s nice, I can be outside and feel as if I’m in a family room.

My husband on the other hand needs almost nothing, likes more of a cozy cave feel. Which is why he was so attracted to this house. , but when he does want something in his space, he needs to put it there, or his energy will be off. For him it’s not so much what is in a space, so much as his touch is on it. A decorator could have their way, but would do best to ask him for 5 ideas/things that put his mark on the space.

There are souls out there who flourish with minimalist design, or monochromatic pallates. There are those who find antiques to be too noisy and prefer everything to be brand new, and then there are those who only want second hand items that feel good.

In the end, it’s about what feels good to you. The famed architect or designer may have credentials, but all art is in the eye of the beholder. And if you are in a space that doesn’t represent you, you will feel like an imposter. You will be less likely to connect, recharge and feel good being there.

It’s truly in your best interest to take your soul in to consideration when looking at your space.


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